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VISITING* Limited availability booking now.

Please add $100 to her rates. Incall & Outcall

Dulles, VA - July 24 & 25

Washington, DC - July 25 & 26

FMTY = Fly Me To You

Please realize QB loves living in Southern California, especially during Summer, so if she has to travel make it worth her extra time. Anyone who travels knows that delays happen. Bia is available by request to travel to you provided you pay for business class. Traveling takes time & there will be an additional fee, unless you have a

PJ=Private Jet or your paying for first class. If you can accommodate either or for FMTY you can skip the travel fees.

Domestic & International Travel

Modern day luxury is Bia via special delivery this Queen does not tour, but she loves to fly in just for you!

1 Lucky individual.

Bia is a trusted traveler who has TSA Precheck & Global Entry. All travel requests must

accommodate airfare, hotel, transportation, and 50% deposit paid by you.  Please email to get a quote.

Fly me to you...

Domestic FMTY

+ add $300 - $1k Travel Fee

International FMTY

+ add $1k - $2k Travel Fee

Mexico add $500 Travel Fee

Social Companionship FMTY

$1k - Foodie Date

$2k - Fun Date

$3k - Dinner Date & Overnight Cuddle

Click below to send a 50% Booking Fee+ travel expenses.

Queen Bia

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