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Life is sweet. Bia is independent, clean, confident, and unique.  She is the hot Latina MILF you wish lived next door! Being a single Mother everyday domestic Goddess, and dog mom makes QB cherish her adult playtime. She is very comfortable in her own skin. A natural nudist who embraces her beautiful body and sexuality. Highly experienced, and her talents are unmatched. She is a college graduate that is always continuing to learn & grow.  Empress offers a wide variety of incredible skills. Grateful. Look no further. Each client's personal unique care needs are met with passion.

Fun Facts: Bia runs a Half Marathon every year. La Reina is very funny, and she loves to make people smile! Her favorite flower is bud because she's a cannabis connoisseur. Music is her drug of choice. She is a huge fight fan! UFC, MMA, Boxing & wrestling. Bia and her identical twin used to wrestle on the boys team in middle & high school. Her twin won district Championships.


Interests: traveling, cooking, swimming, hiking, yoga, cars, sports, running, movies, Art, foodie dates, music, guns, & professional fighting.

QB adores romantic walks on the beach, & watching the sunrise, and set.


Good vibes only. The goal of offering meet & greets via virtually, and in a public setting is to establish if there is a spark before committing to anything greater. Mrs. Happy is truly bi-sexually and adores women.  

Bia has spent years perfecting her craft to become the Queen of Pentacles. Organic energy is priceless. 

This is emotional labor, so understand she has empathy & is a healer.  

Bia is guaranteed to make you smile!


Honesty, Kindness, Compassion, Humor, Generosity, & Cleanliness​​

Aka Ms/Madame Patricia prior to creating her tribe. Bia has required a deposit to book, since 2010 when she became the Queen of her castle. The matriarch needs a deposit to secure her time because arrangements need to be reserved for childcare + dog boarding. Bia is an entrepreneur. She has built a respectable career with longevity in this business building her unique brand. As a full time, single Mami and head of her household Queen Bia never has any out-of-pocket expenses. Bia understands that life happens, so if she needs to cancel you will receive a full refund. Rescheduling if available is preferred. If you need to cancel within a reasonable time frame & can reschedule your deposit will be applied. If the window of opportunity has totally closed, you forfeit your deposit because shit happens that's life. If the vibes are not right this Queen reserves the right to refund your deposit and refuse service. In certain situations, a deposit maybe non-refundable. Canceling 24 hours requires a mandatory paying of the total donation. Please send additional funds to accommodate your incall location of your choice and Bia will make reservations. The Queen gladly accepts uber vouchers, air miles, hotel points, etc. Staying hydrated is essential. Bia loves coconut & Fiji water! All foodie dates must break to feed QB at some time, during the date. No one likes to be hangry. If your unable to wine & dine QB outside of the bedroom for a 4-hour foodie date please let Bia know because she prefers to spend time outside of the bedroom indulging in delightful eats, and you will need to provide room service. The Queen does see couples, but it's like any other means of entertainment no one gets a free ticket to the show. Couples are two times Bia's rates.

References - ASAP. Quick, Fast & in a hurry.

If you're asking for a reference, Bia is only sharing information with people who appreciate her time.

Kindly send a $15 gift via cashapp, or venmo & include links to verify the active, and reputable provider. If these two important details are not included, then Bia is not reference friendly.

Queen Bia

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