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Bia's goal for the New Year 20024 is to have more fun by any means necessary. This is why she changed her name to Mrs. Happy. She wants to speak her desires into existence.

ISO of new fun friends... 

For those who cannot book an in-person date with QB have no fear more options are here. Email, chat, live sessions, texting, and whatever other fun ways available. 

 All sessions below must be paid in full. Available at her leisure throughout the day.

Same day bookings available by sending the tribute for her time, then email her the time & date you're requesting. All donations listed on this page are for virtual fun.

Send $ using the link below. Click on the name...

Queen Bia

Starting at 3 a.m. Pacific Standard TIME.

Sessions via Google, Signal, Zoom, Teams & Skype...

Virtual GFE

$750 - 1 week

sexting with nude photos + videos.


$500 - 1 hour


TLC=Therapeutic Life Coach
XXX Motivation & Inspiration Sessions

Clothing is optional. Bia loves to be top-less &/or nude.

What's your favorite color? Please share.

Personal & private sexy time let QB surprise you with a special gift.

$100 - 5 minutes

$150 - 7 minutes

$200 - 15 minutes

$250 - 20 minutes

$300 - 30 minutes


Platonic $50 - 15 minutes

Sexting $100 - 20 minutes

Photos & Videos

Accepting all special content requests. Please inquire for custom pricing.

You do not have permission to record, share, post, steal, use, or distribute her content in any manner without written consent via notarized contract. Legal action will be taken if you use her content without her permission. Please be kind & respectful. Realize it is a privilege to receive TLC.

TLC=Therapeutic Life Coach

Virtual means something that can be done, or seen using computers, or the internet instead of going to a place, meeting people in person, etc. this is ideal for QB as a lifestyle single SUPER MAMACITA!

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Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 11.39.09 AM.JPEG
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 11.39.09 AM.JPEG
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